The War of the Spanish Succession
The Battle of Blenheim guide


This site has been put together to try and map the colours and uniforms of the regiments engaged in the Battle of Blenhiem during the War of the Spanish Succession.

The Information collated here is not from primary sources, but pulled together from information primarily gathered from Baccus 6mm, Warflag, Drabant, The Miniatures Page, Wikipedia, Wikimedia,, royalfig, and Funken. Some information has been taken from written examples, and where information clashes I have used my best guess or what I like the most..!

I have worked with the orders of battle available from

This is not complete, and it is, and will probably always be work in progress.

Allied Army
Blenheim Column
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Lieutenant General John, 1st Baron Cutts of Gowran
Rowe's Brigade (Britain) Sir William Clifton's Regiment of Foot
The Welch Regiment of Fusiliers
Sir Edward Dering's Regiment of Foot
Scots Fusiliers
The Earl of Bath's Regiment of Foot
Wilkes' Brigade (Hesse-Kassel) Prinz Wilhelm Infantry Regiment
Erbprinz von Hessen-Kassel Infantry Regiment
Hessian Grenadiers Infantry Regiment
Hessian Guard (Leibregiment) Infantry Regiment
Wartensleben Infantry Regiment
Ferguson's Brigade (Britain) Archibald Douglas' Regiment of Foot
Earl of Angus's Regiment of Foot
Royal Regiment of Ireland
2nd Battalion, His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Foot
1st Regiment of Foot Guards
St. Paul's Brigade de Luc Infantry Regiment
de Breuil Infantry Regiment
Gauvin Infantry Regiment
Hanoverian Guard Infantry Regiment
Cavalry Support
Lieutenant General Henry Lumley
Palmes' Brigade (Britain) 2nd/Earl of Plymouth's Regiment of Horse
The Queen Dowager's Regiment of Horse
Lord Cavendish's Regiment of Horse
Wood's Brigade (Britain) The Queen's Regiment of Horse
1st/Earl of Plymouth's Regiment of Horse
Duke of Shrewsbury's Regiment of Horse
Ross's Dragoon Brigade James Wynne's Regiment of Dragoons
Grey Dragoons
Erbprinz von Hessen-Kassel Dragoons
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
1st Line (Infantry)
Lieutenant General Richard Ingoldsby
d'Herleville's Brigade
(Includes Stückrad's Brigade)
Schöpping Infantry Regiment
Stückrad Infantry Regiment
d'Herleville Infantry Regiment
von Tozin Infantry Regiment
Hulsen Infantry Regiment
Württemberg Brigade Württemberg Regiment Stenfels
Württemberg Regiment Hermann
Württemberg Grenadier Regiment
Seckendorff's Infantry Regiment
Heinrich, Graf von Seckendorff
1st Line (Infantry)
Lieutenant General Horn
Holstein-Beck's Brigade

Major General the Prince of Holstein-Beck
(Includes Beidebrecht's Brigade)
Heidebrecht Infantry Regiment
Stürler Infantry Regiment
Hirzel Infantry Regiment
Rechteren Infantry Regiment
Goor Infantry Regiment
Dutch Mercenary Brigade

Major General Pallandt
Bynheim Infantry Regiment
Schwerin Infantry Regiment
de Varenne Infantry Regiment
Wulffen Infantry Regiment
Erbprinz von Hesse-Kassel Infantry Regiment
Left-center (cavalry)
Lieutenant General Bülow
Noyellas' Brigade Leib Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Voigt's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Noyelles' Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Viller's Brigade von Bülow's Dragoons Regiment
Viller's Dragoons
Bothmer's Dragoons
2nd Line (cavalry)
Lieutenant General Graf von Hompesch
Hesse-Homberg's Brigade Leib Horse Regiment
Spiegel's Karabinere
Schulengurg's Brigade Schulengurg's Dragoons
Breidenbach's Horse Regiment
Erbach's Brigade Erbach's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Baldwin's Horse, Brigadier General Baldwin
Schmettau's Dragoons
Lieutenant General comte de Oostfriese count of East Frisia
Vittinghoff's Brigade Grevendorff's Dragoons
Hardenberg's Dragoons
Sachsen-Heilburg Horse Regiment
Bannier's Horse Regiment
Auroch's Brigade Erbach's Horse Regiment
Auroch's Dragoons
Lieutenant General the Prince of Württemberg-Neuenstadt Rantzau's Brigade (Denmark/UP auxiliary) 2nd Sjællandske Horse Regiment
5th Jydske Regiment of Horse
4th Jydske Regiment of Horse
Livregimentet Rytter
Wüttemberg-Öls Dragoons
Brockdorff's Brigade (Denmark/England auxiliary) 3rd Jydske Horse Regiment
Ahlefeldt's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
2nd Jydske Horse Regiment
Holstein's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Württemberg-Ōls Dragoons
Churchill's Infantry Regiment
Thomas Meredith's Regiment of Foot
The Queen's Regiment of Foot
1st/His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Foot
von Rantzau's Brigade 1st Battalion, Rantzau
2nd Battalion, Rantzau
Bernsdorff Infantry Regiment
Teckelenberg Infantry Regiment
St. Paul Infantry Regiment
Right, Army of Imperial Austria
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
General of the imperial cavalry Prince Maximillian von Hanover
Natzmer's Brigade (Prussia) Leib Dragoons
Margraf Philip's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Wartensleben Horse Regiment
Bayreuth-Kulmbach Horse Cuirassier Regiment
von Krassow's Dragoons
Fugger's Brigade (Austria) Alt-Hanover Cuirassiers
Lobkowitz's Cuirassiers
Durlach's Brigade Limburg-Styrum's Dragoons
Württemberg Independent Cavalry (Leib Dragoon)
Fugger's Cuirassier
Ottingen's Dragoons (Swabia)
General of cavalry Eberhard Louis, Herzog von Württemberg-Teck
l'Ostange's Brigade Sonsfeld's Dragoons
l'Ostange's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Bibra's Brigade Helmstaett Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Nagel's Karabinere
Vennigen's Karabinere
Hachenberg's Cuirassiers
Cusani's Brigade (Austria) Darmstadt's Imperial Cuirassiers
Cusani's Imperial Cuirassiers
Caraffa's Brigade Fechenbach's Dragoons
Württemberg Leibgarde (Württemberg)
Bibra's Dragoons
Cavalry Reserve
General of Cavalry Charles Maximilien, comte de la Tour et Valsassina
Efferen's Brigade Moorheim's Cuirassiers
Leutsch's Cuirssiers
von der Ostheim's Horse Cuirassier Regiment
Bayreuth's Brigade (Franconia) Auffess' Dragoons
Bayreuth's Cuirassiers
Feldzeugmeister Prince Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau Finck's Brigade (Prussia) Grenadier Garde
Margraf Ludwig's Infantry Regiment
Anhalt-Dessau Infantry Regiment
Canitz' Brigade (Prussia) Margraf Phillip's Infantry Regiment
Canitz's Infantry Regiment
Lieutenant General Scholten Bielke's Brigade (Denmark/Austria auxiliary) 1st Battalion, Regiment of Foot Prince George
2nd Battalion, Regiment of Foot Prince Carl
Regiment Dansk Den Kongelige Livgarde til fods
2nd Battalion, Regiment of Foot Prince George
Rebsdorff's Brigade (Denmark/England and UP auxiliary) 1st Battalion, Fynske Regiment of Foot
2nd Battalion, Sjællandske Regiment of Foot
Regiment of Foot Christian Ulrich I
Franco-Bavarian Army
Blenheim Wing Command
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Dismounted Dragoons
Hautefeulle's Brigade Mestre de Camp Général
La Reine's Dragoons
Rohan-Chabot's Dragoons
Vasse's Dragoons
Blenheim Garrison de Maulevrier's Brigade Regiment de Navarre
Balincourt's Brigade Regiment d'Artois
Greder's Brigade Regiment de Greder Allemande (German)
Regiment de Lassay
Blenheim Reserve d'Argelos' Brigade Regiment de Languedoc
Regiment de Santerre
St. Segond's Brigade Zurlauben (Wallon)
St. Segond (Italy)
Infantry Reserve
Lieutenant General the Marquis de Marinvaux
Montroux's Brigade Regiment de Montroux (Italy)
Regiment de Aunis
  Monfort's Brigade Regiment de Montfort (Walloon/Spanish auxiliary)
  d'Enonville's Brigade Royal
Regiment de Boulonnais
Between Blenheim and Oberglauheim  
Lieutenant General le Comte de Zurlauben Vertilly's Brigade Gendarmerie de France
Broglie's Brigade Regiment de le Roi
Regiment de Tarneau
Regiment de la Baume
Grignan's Brigade, Marquis de Grignan Mestre de Camp General
Regiment de Grignan
Marechal de Camp, the Duc d'Humeries Merode-Westerloo's Brigade (Spain) Regimiento de Gaetano
Regimiento de Acosta
Regimiento de Heider
la Valliere's Brigade Regiment de Bougogne
Regiment de la Valliere
Regiment de Noailles
Regiment de Beringhen
Silly's Brigade Regiment de Orleans
Regiment de Montreval
Regiment de St. Pouanges
Regiment de Ligonday
Marechal de Camp, the Marquis de St. Pierre Trecesson's Brigade Regiment de Robecque (Wallon)
Regiment de d'Albaret
Breuil's Brigade Regiment de Auxerrois
Regiment de Chabrillant
Belleisle's Brigade Regiment de Nice
Regiment de Tavannes
Regiment de Bandeville
The Army of the Elector of Bavaria
Marquis du Bourg's Corps
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
1st Cavalry Line Massenbach's Brigade Regiment de Royal
Regiment de La Ferronnaye
Regiment de Levy
Prince Charles de Lorraine's Brigade Regiment de Prince Charles de Lorraine
Regiment de Choiseul
2nd Cavalry Line d'Anlezy's Brigade Regiment d'Anlezy
Regiment de Livry
Regiment de Heudincourt
Regiment de Dauphin Etranger
Marquis de Blainville's Corps
Marechal de Camp Dorrington Blingy's Brigade Regiment de Champagne
1st Saintonge
Nangis' Brigade Bourbonnais
1st Foix
1st Agenois
Marquis de Rosel's Corps    
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Oberglauheim support
Buzancois' Brigade Regiment de la Reine
Clare's Brigade (Ireland) Dorrington's Regiment
Clare's Regiment
Lee's Regiment
Coetquen's Brigade Regiment de Coietquen
1st Chartes
Prince d'Isenghein 1st Poitou
1st Guyenne
Regiment d'Isenghein (Walloon)
Regiment de Beauferme
Count d'Arco's Corps
Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Lieutenant General the Marquis de Magnac Montmain's Brigade Regiment de Conde
Regiment de Montmain
Regiment de Bourck (Ireland)
Vivan's Brigade Regiment de Abusson
Regiment de Vivans
Regiment de Fourquevaux
Lieutenant General the Marquis de Legall Barentin's Brigade Regiment de Barentin
Regiment de la Billarderie
Regiment de Bissy
Vigiers Brigade Regiment de Royal Piedmont
Regiment du Vigier
Regiment de Merinville
Bavarian Cavalry
von Weickel's Brigade d'Arco's Cuirassiers
Weickel's Cuirassiers
Garde Karabinere
Grenadiers a Cheval Horse Grenadiers
Locatelli's Hussars Leib Company
von Wolframsdorff's Brigade Torring-Seefeld's Dragoons
von Wolframsdorff's Cuirassiers
de Costa's Cuirassiers
Major General Alessandro Marquis de Maffei de Maffei's Brigade Regiment de Maffei
Kurprinz Regiment
Leibgarde Fusiliers Regiment
Leibgarde Grenadiers Regiment
Regiment d'Ocfort
Mercy's Brigade Regiment de Mercy
Regiment de Tattenbach
Regiment von Karthausen
Regiment von Spilburg
Lieutenant General the Comte de Dreux Fontbeausard's Dragoon Brigade Regiment de Listenois
Regiment de la Vrilliere
Regiment de Fontbeausard
Conflans' Brigade Regiment de Conflans
Regiment de Rouvray
Lieutenant General the Marquis de Sauffrey Montbron's Brigade Regiment de Dauphin
1st Conde
Regiment de Montboissier
Tourouvre's Brigade Regiment de Lorraine
Regiment de Toulouse
Montmorency's Brigade 1st Bearn
1st Bourbon
1st Nivernais
1st Vermandois